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Laundry Project Overview

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Don't Air Your Dirty Laundry in Public - February 5th & 6th at the Henry Art Gallery

An experiment in participatory design by:

Mike Breeden, Lauren LeClaire, Renae Youngs, Kai Tian, and Amanda Mae



Airing Laundry Project from Lauren LeClaire on Vimeo.


Click here to link to project's Flickr stream


This project aimed to encourage engagement and participation between and amongst museum visitors and to help visitors connect with the artwork in the exhibition Vortexhibition Polyphonica, Opus IV The concept was inspired by the similar secret-sharing projects Post Secret.


Aesthetic inspiration was drawn from a new addition of aprons to this final opus of the exhibition, and the themes of the activities within the project were reflective of the exhibition themes such as: the viewing of surprising or unexpected, as well as unknown, artworks from the permanent collection, and the discovery of relationships between those artworks.


Overall, we saw success in participation and engagement on the days of implementation and were able to garner a large amount of secrets from participants both before and during those days. In terms of connecting visitors with the artwork, our design fell short in some ways, and not as many secrets generated at artwork stations were related to the artwork as we had hoped. This helped us to learn how this kind of project might be better implemented later on.


See more about the details of our results at our Laundry Evaluation page. 



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