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Content Assets

Page history last edited by Kai Tian 9 years, 5 months ago

Content Assets


Assets for outside component

  • Predesigned cutouts:  these will be paper cutouts in the shape of articles of clothing, i.e. underwear, socks, that participants will air their dirty laundry on
  • Typewriter (provided by Amanda):  this will serve as an option for participants.  They can either type directly onto the cutout itself, or they can dictate to on of us.
  • Writing utensils:  colored pens, pencils, Sharpies, etc. will provide an alternative to the typewriter, giving participants another option and greater artistic liberty.
  • Clothesline:  participants can have the option of displaying their secret outside on the clothesline.
  • Clothespins:  to hang secrets on the clothesline.
  • Hamper:  if participants do not want to air their dirty outside, they have the option to leave them anonymously in the hamper.
  • Aprons:  these will be worn by us to mark us as facilitators and will relate to the textiles on display inside the gallery.
  • Thread starters:  these will be examples generated by us and classmates that provide an example of what the secrets will look like, and how they are to be displayed


Assets for inside component

  • Predesigned cutouts:  as seen above
  • Writing utensils:  pencils that can be used in the gallery space.
  • Clothesline: additional clotheslines will be placed in the museum to provide more room for secrets to be displayed
  • Hampers:  these will be used to sort the secrets that other individuals have left behind.  They will be categorized, allowing the visitor to “curate” the secrets as he or she sees fit.
  •  Clothespins:  as seen above, they will be used to display the secrets.  Additionally they will be utilized in the “curatorial” process as visitors group secrets together into larger groups on the clothesline.  They may be used in a possible labeling activity in the gallery as well.



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