Stringing Connections overview

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Stringing Connections development

Project Description
Title: Stringing Connections

Big idea: Visitors will be able to visually represent the connections they find between pieces in the gallery and build up connections made by previous visitors.

Summary: Using strings of yarn, visitors will have the opportunity to create and build upon previous connections on a large-scale collaborative map, located in the gallery.  On the map, each artwork in the gallery is represented by a photograph and an adjacent hook.  There are multiple ways to participate. Visitors can illustrate connections between two or more pieces of art using a single piece of yarn, and explain the connection on a tag, hung on the string connecting the objects.  Or, visitors can collaboratively connect the artworks together by stringing connections with a continuous strand of yarn (the red yarn ball), while still using tags to explain their connections they have added. Finally, visitors can add explanations to existing connections on the map by hanging their new explanatory tag onto the string connecting the objects.


Results: To see an in-depth discussion of our results, please see our Stringing Connections Evaluation.