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Alphabet Soup with Xavier


Team Members:

 Alicia Barnes, Chris Cadenhead, Rose Kinsley, Rachel Woodbrook (1st year students in the University of Washington's Museology Graduate Program)


Big Idea:  

To revisit the driving concept behind Vortexhibition: inviting successive voices and evidencing relationships, rather than emphasizing content or theoretical concepts.



  Visitors will free-associate words or short phrases in response to the Henry's "Xavier"* statue, using magnetic letters placed onto life-sized speech bubbles. Successive visitors will be able to respond to the last word in turn. We will take pictures with each new word or phrase. These pictures will be displayed on a nearby computer screen that shows the stream of previous images, which will later be posted to Flickr for visitors to follow. We will also distribute business cards with the Flickr address.


More Details:

 Xavier - Concept and Details  

*For more information and links to the Henry Art Gallery, its collections, and the work of the artist Xavier Veilhan, see the Concept and Details page.



 Xavier - Evaluation and Lessons Learned

 Participation chart for Alphabet Soup with Xavier  


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"Behind the Scenes" Photos:

Alphabet Soup with Xavier


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