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Project Concept: Airing Your Dirty Laundry


This project involves three activities that will:



Activity A: Sharing your dirty laundry (outside)

Two facilitators (wearing “secret service” aprons of their own, stocked with supplies) approach people on skybridge & encourage them to share secrets (or other thoughts) by writing them on paper cutouts of socks & underwear. Writing may be done with markers, or maybe with a typewriter. Participants will drop their completed cutouts into a hamper (to help preserve their anonymity). Participants might receive an instruction card and/or button. The hamper will be periodically taken inside the museum by a facilitator. Inside, the cutouts will be displayed (see Activity B) – providing a benefit to participants & a motivation to enter the gallery.


Visitors will:



Activity B: Sorting dirty laundry (inside, mezzanine staircase)

Completed cutouts from Activity A will be brought inside and moved from their hamper into a basket placed in the mezzanine staircase. A clothesline will be installed in each of the balcony/overlook portions of the stairwell. The lines will be labeled with categories that indicate potential reactions to the secret. Participants will be instructed (in writing, at the entry points to the space) to sort the cutouts by category by adding them to the appropriate line with clothespins. Participants may also move posted cutouts from one line to another. Team Awesome will “seed” each line with some sample/example secrets, and will facilitate the space by moderating the completed Activity A cutouts & regularly adding those with substantive content to the inside basket.


Visitors will:



Activity C: Artists’ dirty laundry (inside, VP gallery)

A possible option for “advanced players” of the laundry/secrets activity that lets participants connect secret-sharing to the VP artworks. Place baskets on stools near a few selected artworks (aprons, window, masks, clocks, film - three at a time, rotating) and provide visitors with written instructions, more pencils, and cutouts:


Visitors will:







Interaction Plan: Airing Your Dirty Laundry


Activity A. The visitor:



Activity B. The visitor



Activity C. The visitor:






Content Assets


Assets for outside component


Assets for inside component