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Stringing Connections Design and Fabrication

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Here's a running supply list:


Stuff to buy:

  • oversize board for the map (I looked online and Daniel Smith has all types as board, but only as big as 32x40. We want bigger than that, right?)
  • lots of yarn, 3-5 colors 
  • pins or eye hooks for each object on the map
  • cardstock for explanation tags, reminder signs
  • making the map into a transparency?
  • markers for tracing/drawing the map onto the board
  • foam core for signage?
  • decorative paper/fabrics for signage, map board
  • get photos, larger intro/explanation signage printed


Stuff to acquire/borrow:

  • hole punch for tags (TE)
  • paper cutter (TE)
  • projector--to trace the map onto the board
  • big easel
  • spray glue for mounting signage onto foam core? (TE)
  • tape, glue, scissors (TE)
  • golf pencils
  • small table for writing explanations


Comments (2)

emily.c.craig@... said

at 10:21 pm on Jan 24, 2011

Museology will have golf pencils I am sure we can borrow. I returned a bunch of them to Maya and/or Nick last week left over from evaluations last quarter and I saw some on Nick's desk when I met with him today (ugh, thesis!) As for the small table - I wonder if the Henry is willing to lend us a pedestal...that could work.

Tasia said

at 10:48 pm on Jan 25, 2011

good point--can someone (marina/abbi?) ask rachel what we can use from the henry?

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