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Money Stuff

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Keep in mind that each team only has a budget of $100...and if you want to get reimbursed, you need to have proof of the money you spent (so make sure you keep those receipts!)


I spoke with Maya on Friday and she said that as long as we have receipts, she can work out the reimbursement. However, if you need office supplies for your project, you might want to check with Maya or Lisa, as they have a Pro card and can go to Office Depot to get things you need. This saves you from having to wait for a reimbursement check! Of course, if you are out shopping for other things and decide to just buy dry erase markers, sticky notes, etc., that is completely acceptable as well. 


That being said, a lot of things won't be available at Office Depot (sad, but true), so when you head out on your own, keep a few things in mind:

     1. It is probably going to be easier to cut a few big checks instead of 13 small checks, so if possible, decide who is going to be responsible for fronting the cash and stick to that person as much as possible.

     2. KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS. No proof of payment, no reimbursement check. 

     3. Sometime next weekend, turn your receipts over to me (if you could tape them onto a blank piece of paper or staple them all together or something, that would be very helpful). Make sure there is an explanation for what you purchased and put your name on the receipts. 

     4. Again, no receipts, no money! 


Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions. 


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