Brainstorming Ideas

***Question for everyone...*** We (group "TBD") started our brainstorming, and were talking about the possible benefits of creating projects that are at least complementary to one another's. As a group we discussed the exhibition currently suffering from a lack of cohesiveness, and three separate, unconnected projects might be additionally confusing. I know it would be really difficult to completely coordinate, but wanted to see how people feel about drawing some connections--i.e., a scavenger hunt could point people to any other activity, or someone talking on a phone could bring another participatory opportunity to visitors' attention through the conversation--then there would also be multiple entry points to the participatory experience.


Making "call and response" literal - rotary phone, you could call and it would immediately dial a number, a prompt telling you to say something. pay as you go cellphone to a staff member/transcriber/listener/operator.

A random phone on campus, video camera pointed at it


Panoptos walkie talkies, hanging on the wall, call for help


Telephone by the joystick station that would ring and the person in the salon, try to get the person to get to a certain place to take a photo - kind of like playing telephone with object hunt



Having people start off at a certain point, then prompts to create your own paths.

Find a painting that makes you feel X

Choose your own adventure, Family Circus, geocaching

Indirect interaction with others--make something to leave behind, take someone else's creation? or leave evidence of previous paths? (fits in w/purpose of exhibit)

Have clues/directives/stickers/&c. at each work, or in each hub?

Works for individuals or groups

-the attraction of pathway is both that you can choose which direction to take, and that it leads to something

-guided creativity: what would be an effective invitation to participate? Would it be personal enough?

*~for a more "scavenger hunt" experience, start w/ a list of tasks, things to find--easier to incorporate other participatory events)


Clothesline / pulley system that travels through Vortex, up and out of the window to the sculpture court, and up to the skybridge for clipping stories, secrets (airing dirty laundry), aprons, pictures of windows ... not sure what hangs on it yet



--this could be cool to do as a flipbook, where there are folded pages so you can only see two at a time but at the end you can unfurl a really long picto-story.