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Project Plan and Deliverables

Page history last edited by Nina Simon 12 years, 3 months ago

There are 7 phases to this (highly compressed) exhibit development.  Each has several activities, roles, and deliverables associated with it.  Each person must be responsible for at least two deliverables individually.  Below this outline, you will find a simple list of deliverables sorted by date.


  1. Concept development: Jan 7 - 21
    1. Objective: determine overall plan.  develop "big idea" for the exhibit.  identify exhibit components, summary description, goals, and visitor operating requirements. 
    2. Activities:
      1. research 
      2. brainstorm
      3. develop ideas
      4. react to other teams' ideas 
    3. Deliverables: 
      1. Three to five potential directions - BY JAN 14
        1. Big Idea/main message (one sentence)
        2. exhibit summary description (one paragraph) 
        3. visitor goals (one-line bullets, no more than 5, at least 3 are measurable)  
      2. Reactions to other teams' ideas - BY JAN 17
      3. Schedule a team call with Nina - BY JAN 17 
      4. Final exhibit big idea, summary description, and visitor goals - BY JAN 21
      5. exhibit components with summary description and visitor operating requirements (paragraph bullets) - BY JAN 21
      6. explanation of why each component is included and how they function together - BY JAN 21
  2. Content development: Jan 14 - Jan 28
    1. Objective: develop specific content assets (text, images, video, etc) to support the exhibition and deliver the content.
    2. Activities: 
      1. research
      2. prototyping or playtesting
      3. selection and assembly of any external content (e.g. objects)
      4. produce final content
      5. interface with design and fabrication teams on content infrastructure and materials
    3. Deliverables: 
      1. final list of content assets - BY JAN 21
      2. final content produced/ready for design/fabrication - BY JAN 28
  3. Graphic Design: Jan 14-28
    1. Objective: design and produce graphic assets for the final exhibition and any marketing collateral.
    2. Activities:
      1. develop conceptual look and feel for exhibit
      2. produce draft graphics based on initial asset list
      3. produce final graphics based on prototyping and team review
    3. Deliverables: 
      1. look and feel board (image and word collage evocative of the planned look and feel) - BY JAN 21
      2. draft exhibit graphics - BY JAN 28
      3. final exhibit graphics - BY FEB 3
  4. Interaction and Facilitation Design: Jan 14-28
    1. Objective: design and produce interaction structures to support any visitor actions per the visitor operating descriptions.
    2. Activities:
      1. prototype interactions
      2. produce final interaction infrastructure for fabrication
    3. Deliverables: 
      1. interaction plan (detailed step-by-step of what visitors will do) - BY JAN 21
      2. recommendations for final interaction per prototyping - BY JAN 28
      3. final interaction design and production (unless requires onsite fabrication) - BY FEB 3
  5. Fabrication: Jan 28-Feb 4
    1. Objective: build things to support the content, graphic and interaction design.
    2. Activities:
      1. interface with content and design teams to develop materials lists
      2. source materials
      3. fabricate exhibit components (may be web and or physical)
    3. Deliverables: 
      1. exhibit components built - BY FEB 4
  6. Installation: Feb 3-4, deinstall Feb 6-March...
    1. Objective: Put it all together.
    2. Activities:
      1. install the darn thing
      2. de-install it
    3. Deliverables:
      1. exhibit open evening of Feb 4
  7. Evaluation: Jan 28-Feb 28
    1. Objective: support formative and summative evaluation for the exhibition.
    2. Activities:
      1. develop measurable evaluation metrics corresponding to visitor goals
      2. where appropriate, develop evaluation tools for prototyping and formative evaluation
      3. develop evaluation tools for summative evaluation
      4. perform summative evaluation
    3. Deliverables:
      1. summative evaluation plan with intended metrics and tools - BY FEB 3
      2. summative evaluation report - BY FEB 28




  1. JAN 14:
    1. Three to five potential team project concepts
    2. Individual blog post on an inspiring participatory project 
  2. JAN 17:
    1. Review and comment on other teams' ideas
    2. Schedule call with Nina (to happen before Jan 21) 
  3. JAN 21:
    1. final project concept
    2. final list of content assets, drafted
    3. look and feel board (image and word collage evocative of the planned look and feel)
    4. interaction plan (detailed step-by-step of what visitors will do)
    5. marketing plan 
  4. JAN 28:
    1. final content produced and ready for design/fabrication
    2. draft exhibit graphics
    3. final interaction plan per prototyping
    4. fabrication schedule commences
    5. make facilitation schedule 
  5. FEB 3:
    1. final exhibit graphics
    2. final interaction design and production (unless requires onsite fabrication)
    3. summative evaluation plan with intended metrics and tools
    4. exhibit components ready to install 
  6. FEB 4:
    1. exhibit launches
  7. FEB 6:
    1. facilitated components of exhibit close, de-install as necessary
    2. summative evaluation completed
  8. FEB 28:
    1. exhibit deinstalled
    2. summative evaluation report completed
    3. wiki cleaned up and project documented 


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