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Project Wiki for Participatory Audience Engagement


This wiki serves as the hub and documentation for the conception, design, execution, and evaluation of the class project for the University of Washington (UW) Museology department's course "Participatory Design," taught Winter 2011 by Nina Simon. The course was based on a project: the class was divided into three groups, each of whom were tasked with "activating" the exhibit Polyphonica Vortexhibition Opus III, on view at the Henry Art Gallery on the UW campus, by creating a participatory activity based on the exhibit or an artwork in the exhibit.


While the course was in progress, this was a "working wiki" for the students involved. After February 28, it transitioned to being a "documentation wiki" that demonstrates what was done for the project, and how the steps we took were accomplished. By tracking our progress, challenges, and outcomes, we hope to provide a useful and perhaps enlightening record of an instance of participatory design as we experienced it. So come on in and have a look around!



A few general points of interest:

The class as a whole advertised with this awesome flyer.  

You can learn more about each individual project by exploring the pages on the sidebar to the right.


Each of the projects was evaluated; visit the Summary Report page for an overview of key findings and recommendations from the class as a whole.


The Henry Art Gallery's website is here.  

They were kind enough to set up a collection for us on their Flickr site.  Please take a look!


Information about the University of Washington's Master's Program in Museology can be found here.


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